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Birds soaring in the sky have always fascinated me. I have admired the precision, meticulousness and the vision with which birds fly; this feeling making me visualize a ‘Bird’s Eye’ as a dream for myself- a passion. Reaching greater heights- as we metaphorically say, has led me to associate success in life with relation to the flight of birds. And, this idea helped me to conceive my dream in the form of ‘Bird’s Eye’. I wonder at the vision of an eagle as it swoops down from a height to target its prey on the ground. Of course, the prey remains at the mercy of the sharp claws of the eagle, but then, it inspires me to think differently. Just as the eagle spots its food on the ground from a great height, so do I envision a frame of vision on the ground from a height- something that makes me think of capturing the frame as an eagle would probably see it. One idea encouraged another, and yet another….and, here I am, giving shape to my childhood fascination of seeing the world with the eye and vision of a bird!

CRM System / Payroll System /Website Development / Mobile Application
Film making / Corporate film /Documentary film / TV Commercial
3D Animation / 3D Walkthrough / 3D Architectural / 3D Product Model
Aerial Photography / Aerial Videography / Still Photography / Videography
360° Virtual Tour Real & 3D Architectural / Visual Communication