Bird's Eye Technologies

Bird’s Eye offers Virtual tour- an interactive way of presenting any real location, an art of combining a set of photographs in a multi – row 360 degree rotation so that a single image of the complete scene is produced. Such 360 degree panoramic views are captured in natural / normal light conditions.

The complete scene is viewed when rotating about a single central position within which the viewer can rotate horizontally and vertically & lets you move through the visual zoom in & out. The viewers are able to click and drag to see the location as if they are standing there. You just need to click and drag to be able to see in all directions. They also may use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. The best part is that these Virtual Tours can be posted on the existing website which loads within seconds for the viewers.

We can also integrate several panoramic images into complete virtual tour packages with a navigation design.

By visiting the samples, you will get a better understanding of how this technology can benefit you and your business. With the most advanced techniques and a flair for design we can place the virtual world at your customer’s fingertips in a dynamic and eye catching way.

We deliver what we commit. We document deliverables from both the parties before beginning the shoot.

To give you an idea, the following list summarize some of the areas currently using for their interior or exterior locations, and benefitting from, virtual tours and 360 degree images:

Commercial sales
Conference Halls
Educational Institutes
Manufacturing units
Party Plots
Religious places
Shopping malls
Training centers &
The areas of your choice

We are committed to provide unparalleled quality of work within the given time lines.

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